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Most people will tell you aliens don't abduct people. It's true that most people aren't abducted. Most people don't ever see an alien, let alone a UFO, in their entire life. But plenty of people have been caught away, and here's a link if you want to know more:


There are lots of vidis about alien abduction. Close Encounters of the Third Kind is pretty old but still good. The three Men in Black vidis kind of address it, at least the way the Nats keep the truth from us. Then there are others, such as Fire in the Sky, Flight of the Navigator, Communion, Night Skies, Altered, and Independence Day. Even ET talks about it.

None of them are real, but they do show that the Nats don't want us talking about what is real.

If you are worried about abductions, here are seven funny rules to keep in mind:



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